Leon Anavy

PhD candidate
Yakhini Group for Bioinformatics and Computational Biology
Faculty of Computer Science

Email: anavy@cs.technion.ac.il
Office: Room 533, Taub building, Technion.



I am Computer-Scientist and a Bio-informatician. I practice science and the scientific method in a world of theoretical and practical computational work and employ theoretical information theory approaches to shed light on long lasting biological questions.

I study at the Faculty of Computer Science at the Technion – Israel Institute of Technology together with my PhD advisor and mentor Prof. Zohar Yakhini. I received my B.Sc. degrees in industrial engineering  and information systems management from the Technion in 2012. During my undergraduate studies I gained a broad toolkit and methodologies including advanced statistics, machine learning and algorithmic approaches. I graduated my M.Sc. degree in the  Faculty of Biology at the Technion in 2015 where I studied development and evolution using single cell RNA-Seq methods and analyses of large datasets using machine learning approaches. My research interests include information and coding theory applications to synthetic biology. I received the Josef Gruenblat award for excellence in industrial engineering in 2009 and the Diane and Leonard Sherman Interdisciplinary Graduate School Fellowship in 2012. I am a recipient of the Adams fellowship of  the Israel Academy of Sciences and Humanities which supports my PhD studies.


Research Interests

  • Coding schemes for DNA based storage systems
  • Error correction codes for high-throughput biological measurements
  • DNA Oligo Libraries (OLs) and their usage in synthetic biology research

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